Write For Me!

I’m at the point in my life where things are moving fast, meaning I can’t post as often as I want to on my blog. *sob*

BUT, it gets better. I want you to write for me!

I’ve expanded my categories to cater for a whole bunch of niches, and I need your help! I want A Quintillion Words to be a site filled with awesome tips and information for anyone and everyone and it would be great if you were a part of that too.

Guest Posts.

If you’re an author wanting to write about your new book release for example, or if you think you have some pretty awesome life experiences that would benefit my blog (and fit into my categories), then I’d love to see it! I’d be happy to provide a couple of links to your blog and social media channels here.

Sponsored Posts.

If you have pre-written content you’d like to publish on my blog, or you’d like me to cook up an article for you, then feel free to contact me. I’m a qualified copywriter and know a thing or two about SEO – you’re in pretty good hands if you need quality content.

I’d be happy to include a dofollow link or two if needed. Please get in touch and we can discuss budgets, requirements and all that jazz.

Get in touch!

If you have any ideas or requests, then please get in touch so we can discuss them further. You can drop me an email at emilyquinn92@outlook.com or by filling in my contact form here.