Blog Posts & Guides

A good blog post or a helpful guide can go a long way for those looking to increase their website traffic and to bring in new custom. Giving a potential customer the opportunity to learn more about you, a new product or service, or even a particular topic can help to build up trust and point them in the right direction.

If the day to day running of your business is keeping you busy, creating fresh new content in the form of blog posts and guides can seem a little out of reach. If you don’t have a section of useful information for your customers, or you simply don’t have the time to keep it updated regularly, I can help you get to a stage where you want to be.

Whether you want standard weekly or monthly blog posts, shorter snippets of information about one particular topic or a more in-depth guide about your industry, get in touch by emailing me at emilyquinn92[at]outlook[dot]com.

What you can expect from me.

Before committing to choosing me as your copywriter, here’s what you can expect:

  • Your business and tone will be kept in mind. I’ll thoroughly research your products or services as well as your business to understand how you communicate with your customers and how I can help to further encourage people to act and take away key information.
  • If you have a brief or any specific requirements for your content, this will allow me to tailor the content to you even further. Alternatively, I’m more than happy with more flexibility to research possible blog post and guide titles and have free reign with the content if needed!
  • If you’d prefer to stick to a word count, or you’re happy for me to cover a certain topic in as much detail as it needs, then simply let me know. Blog posts around 800 words is usually the norm, whereas more in-depth guides can reach 2000 words.
  • I’ll send over a first draft and allow you to make any comments or amendments. I’ll fix these up to ensure you’re 100% happy with the content.
  • I always produce completely original work. You won’t need to worry about spelling or grammar errors as any content will be put through Grammarly as an extra precaution.


Please get in touch with me with your requirements. Depending on what you need, I can draw up a price. Payments can be made via PayPal.

Blog posts & guides are the perfect way to sell your company and your product.

Giving your customer base the right compelling information will make them more likely to choose you. Not only is a great piece of content great for selling, but it can draw attention to specific pages of your site where you’d like the most traffic.

I get help you get the show on the road – if you’d like to make an enquiry or if you simply have any questions, please email me at emilyquinn92[at]outlook[dot]com. I offer a range of copywriting services, so do check them out if you need anything else!