Book Reviews From Books Of All Shades

Whether you’re a best-selling author on your 8th novel or a brand new author wanting some exposure, my book club, Books Of All Shades will be more than happy to give you some honest book reviews.

Our book club has been a huge success so far, and we want you to be a part of it! Here’s how it works:

What we need from you.

To get you on our list, we request that you send us the following via email:

  • A .mobi, PDF or docx format of your book. (Please no gifting from Amazon if possible! This makes it difficult to access in our locations.)
  • Images and cover art that we can use (the more, the better!)
  • Links to your book’s Amazon and GoodReads pages so we can leave reviews there too.
  • Any other links you’d like us to promote, including website, blog and social profiles.

*See my previous book reviews for what to expect!*

Get in touch!

To ask a question about our club or to send across all the requested information, send an email to myself at or directly to Books Of All Shades at