Holiday #1: Tenerife!

“I do believe it’s time for another adventure.”

I’ve been rather quiet these past couple of weeks but for a good reason; we’ve had a visit to the Canaries! A very much needed break/unwind/chill or whatever you want to call it, and we had an absolutely amazing first holiday together. Oooh arr!

Update #1 – 10:00am, 23/04/18

That dreaded alarm rang out like a fog horn this morning but even though alarms are usually the sign of my daily grind commencing, today’s was a little more tolerable (even if it was 5:00am). Up before the sun and after snoozing one too many alarm rings, I finally got my act together and we were soon on the way to the airport. Even though this should be a joyous time of discussing the excitement of your holiday, you’re constantly going through the things you’re sure you put in your suitcase 3 days ago, but did you really put them in there? Why do we do that?! As long as you have your passport, some money and a week’s worth of knickers, you’ll survive, I’m sure.

We’re currently sat on the aeroplane high above the clouds (just coming out of France according to the pilot) but my God, didn’t we cut it fine! But, despite being really lucky not getting caught in the queues and things going very smoothly, we quickly jumped on the plane and we’re now on our way to glorious Tenerife. Now, I say glorious, but the couple with the bottle of Champers and ready salted crisps next to us obviously work at the met office, and can tell by looking at the clouds over France that it’s raining in our destination 3 hours away.  Thanks for your input.


Update #2 – 12:30pm, 27/04/2018

Well, this is a first. It’s almost lunch time and we pretty much have the whole pool to ourselves. The weather is warm, but bearable, so sitting outside for hours on end is definitely the case right now. The only sounds that can be heard are the birds cheeping, the ripples of the water running over the pool side and Case’s concentration noises of ‘hmm’ and ‘ahh!’ when he works out a puzzle in his little book. Could definitely get used to this every day.

Let’s go through the events of the last few days as we’ve had an amazing time already! Monday we pretty much got our bearings for the rest of the afternoon when we arrived. The complex is so big and it was very easy to get lost! We’re in the most beautiful spot with incredible views all around us, so we’re very lucky. After an early night, we were ready for day two, where we explored the strange but wonderful local beach with black volcanic sand. We were even lucky enough to befriend some little lizards (after feeding them some banana of course.) Day three was spent lazing about around the pool in the scorching heat. Luckily, with food and drink in unlimited supply and an enticing pool of just the right temperature, we were well looked after and very comfortable. The joys of all inclusive!

received_10156458055961977 (1)

Yesterday was incredible – we spent the whole afternoon on a boat way out to sea in hope to see some dolphins, and we weren’t disappointed! We cruised around a section of the island and were greeted by a large group of the lovely creatures. It felt so surreal to see and so did the towering cliffs and glimmering fish. I felt like I was playing Uncharted and watching Blue Planet all in one! Nature really is so beautiful, you just need to stop once in a while to appreciate it 🙂

Update #3 – 4:30pm, 29/04/2018

Well, our last afternoon here and we couldn’t be more gutted. This week has flown by but at least we’ve had the best time and we’re already looking forward to our next adventure. Today we made the most of it and, of course, we had to check out the local Geocaching spot! There’s actually something that little bit more exciting about it when you’re in a place you’ve never been before! A great spot and we had a lovely time checking in the stone wall, pretending not to look completely insane to passers by. I don’t think we pulled it off, but no one said anything…

IMG_20180429_133335 (1)

We’re spending the evening chilling with a few beverages and multiple games of pool and cards. We’re also making the most of unlimited food supply which I’ll be very sad to leave! We’ve talked about going home and forgetting that everything is not, of course, free to take whenever you want. If only! If you’ve not taken advantage of the blissfulness that is all inclusive, I would definitely recommend it.

The hotel and its beautiful surroundings have really made our holiday special. We stayed at Hotel Costa Los Gigantes in Puerto Santiago, and we were so impressed by its looks, staff and the overall experience. Our room had the best views and the hotel itself was in a great spot near to the beach. It’s everything we could have wanted and needed!

Returning from our first holiday together, and from recent events that have happened in the last week or so, it’s made me mull over a few things:

  • Appreciate the little things; a view, the company you’re in, the happiness of the people around you and the smiles on their faces.
  • Travel when and where you can, while you can. You never know how long you have left, so live each day to the fullest and see as much of the world as possible.
  • Tell people how much they mean to you as often as you can. When the time comes where you can’t say that anymore, you’ll know you’ll have passed the message on.
  • Memories are so important. The huge cliche that is ‘live in the moment’ isn’t just a load of rubbish. The more memories I can create with the people who mean the world to me, the happier I’ll be.

Share the experience of your own adventures! Is there anywhere you would recommend for our holiday #2? 🙂



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