Introducing… A Quintillion Reads!

A brand new book club giving indie authors the chance to gain four book reviews from keen readers!

Myself and my brand new team of book reviewers are proud to present A Quintillion Reads – a new book club featuring myself and three other amazing book reviewers, all ready to support the indie authors in our writing community!

Hang on – what about Books Of All Shades?

Okay, let’s rewind a little. You probably know of me as a part of the Books Of All Shades trio. Unfortunately, due to Maria and Jay’s commitment to their own writing, they’re unable to continue with the club. As saddening as this is (because we made a great team!) all is not lost. I decided to keep a book club going, bringing in the help of some dedicated individuals to make things bigger and better than before.

Meet the new team…

Here’s our lovely new team of reviewers who you may recognise from the writing community:

Em – Spends half her time reviewing books, the other half looking at dog pictures. Whenever she gets the chance, she works on her own writing, but is a keen reader. Also, she’s really excited to start a new book club! Follow Em over on Twitter and Instagram.

Danielle – An animal-loving, book-reading, Marvel-movie-watching, sports-playing person who’s super excited to join A Quintillion Reads! When she’s not working as an event marketing manager, Danielle is writing her YA / sci-fi series, Remade. Follow Danielle over on Twitter and Instagram.

Vikkie – A secondary school teacher from Wales who loves books, films and spending time with family and friends. Country music is her guilty pleasure! Follow Vikkie over on Twitter and Instagram.

Martijn – A reading addict and movie-loving fun guy and husband. I’m excited about joining this great new adventure! Follow Martijn over on Twitter and Instagram.

Be sure to follow all our new reviewers to see their reviews when posted!

I submitted my book to Books Of All Shades for review. Now what?

Don’t worry. All the books that were on the Books Of All Shades TBR list will be moved over to A Quintillion Reads. So, instead of getting the three reviews you were promised, you’ll now get five!

I want to submit my book to A Quintillion Reads. How do I do so?

Send me an email to with your request. Feel free to include the following in the initial email if you wish:

  • A .mobi, PDF or doc version of your book.
  • Artwork and images so we can promote your book further.
  • Links to your social media pages and your website, Amazon and GoodReads pages too.

In return, you’ll get the following from our team:

  • 5 blog post reviews.
  • 5 Amazon reviews.
  • 5 GoodReads reviews.
  • Social media promotion on Twitter and Instagram.

We’d love you to keep up to date with what we’re reviewing at the moment! Likes, retweets and comments are most welcome 🙂

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  1. etjwrites says:

    Awesome that you are finding a way to keep this going!

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