Mannette Morgan – Author Interview

“When you are a small seedling in the dense, dark forest of life, it can be hard to see the forest much less the light.”

Finding Your Voice – Mannette Morgan

I recently read and reviewed Finding Your Voice by Mannette Morgan, and I have to say that I was so moved by her story and so grateful that she her experience and lessons with the world! As a sufferer of abuse in her time, Mannette has a wealth of experience in the recovery process and has put everything she knows into her first book to help everyone who is suffering, and everyone who has already suffered from abuse in their lives.

It has been an absolute honour to find out more about Mannette and her book in my latest author interview!

  1. There is a very serious nature to your book, Finding Your Voice. Is this something you found difficult to write?

Truthfully, yes I found it difficult to share my personal challenges as a survivor of abuse. No-one likes to admit their own faults or flaws including me. More importantly I want to help others understand we are all human and the effects of abuse alter our behaviors and beliefs. We as survivors need to recognize our truths – only then we can heal and change. 

  1. When did the idea of writing this book come to you?

I was preparing for my last workshop on How to Heal After Abuse when I realized nine classes isn’t enough time to share what I learned as a survivor. I considered I might need to write a book. The funny thing is I’m dyslexic and as quickly as I thought about writing a book I dismissed it. Without knowing I had planted a seed and that seed grew. Within a few months I started writing Finding Your Voice. It took another seven years before I completed and published my work.  

  1. Do you have any other plans for books of a similar nature?

The workbook for Finding Your Voice was just released and I have started a children’s book to help young children find their voices. Being a child of sexual abuse I feel the most dificult challenge for a child is telling anyone about the abuse. As a child we don’t understand what is happening to us or how we ended up in a situation that is out of our control. My goal is to help children find the courage to speak up and tell someone who can help them. Once they speak up the healing can begin. 

  1. Tell us your favourite thing about being an author.

I personally love the fact that I can share what I know as a survivor with others through a book that has the potential to reach every corner of the world. Books are accessible to almost everyone. It is a way to provide healing to other survivors no matter where they live or their economical status.  

  1. Would you ever consider writing anything fictional?

I never say never, fiction isn’t something I plan to write but you never know where life might lead you. 

  1. When you get writer’s block, what gets you out of it?

I have never had writer’s block up to this point. Ideas constantly come to me and I have the privilege of writing about a subject I know well. I focus on what I have to share that could help others. When I’m not sure about my direction I ask myself questions or what others have inquired about. Then I proceed to outline my ideas. Next I organize and express my thoughts so they are more simplified and easier for others to follow. 

  1. Tell us more about Finding Your Voice!

Finding Your Voice is a different kind of self-help book. It is part memoir, lots of introspective self analysis and empathy all in one. I lead survivors of abuse toward a path of recovery with compassion and an understanding of someone who has walked the path before them.

When I started my own healing journey everyone I worked with, my therapist and group therapy, were great at explaining why I had developed certain behaviors and beliefs, but no one could tell me how to put the pieces of my life back together or how to heal the pain of my past trauma. Within the pages of Finding Your Voice I provide these kinds of answers through easy to follow exercises along with a new perception. 

Healing from abuse is a process of understanding, learning, growing and becoming empowered. All of these components help survivors eventually find more contentment, happiness and even more joy. My wish is that every survivor has an opportunity to thrive in their own individual life and heal.  

  1. What are you currently working on?

I’m sharing Finding Your VoiceA Path to Recovery for Survivors of Abuse and speaking out for survivors. I love speaking and inspiring others on how to overcome adversity. I have started a movement to Stop the cycle of abuse in our society. Anyone can join the movement on my website at Like I said earlier, I have also started writing a children’s book to help children find their voices if they are or have experienced sexual abuse. 

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Hopefully in five years my movement to Stop the cycle of abuse has gained some momentum and we as a society have become more aware of how prevalent abuse is in our society. My wish is that more people become educated on the different types of abuse – physical, sexual and psychological. Unfortunately, we can’t fix what we don’t know or understand. Once this shift in education has taken place, then more healing can take place. As each survivor becomes more empowered, they will in turn have the ability to stop the cycle of abuse within their own lives and the lives of their children. I feel this is how we as a society stop the cycle of abuse and heal the effects of abuse. My desire is in five years significant change has taken place in our society when it comes to abuse and I hope many survivors have healed from the trauma of their past experiences.  

  1.  What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to anyone suffering from abuse?

There is hope no matter how much trauma you have suffered and you deserve more than the abuse you have suffered from. You can take back your life, regain your self-worth and change your life for the better. Step out of denial and get the help you need. You have all you need to discover more happiness and joy – it just requires some effort on your part. I wish every survivor out there a happier and more fulfilled life!

About the author.

Mannette Morgan is a speaker, author, coach, and survivor. She teaches critical skills and techniques to other survivors with her books, workbook, workshops, retreats, and coaching. Her mission is to stop the cycle of abuse and provide survivors with accessibility to healing. She is sharing her inspiring story, research-based strategies, and free resources survivors can use to heal and thrive. From the emotional and physical abuse as a child to an abusive marriage, Mannette comes from a place of great understanding. She empowers other abuse survivors to find their voice and thrive as they learn to heal their past.

Mannette Morgan

You can purchase your own copy of Finding Your Voice on Amazon UK or US!

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