Avalon Roselin – Author Interview


“No matter what happens, I’ll escape. One way or another, the pain and fear will end.”

ALiCE – Avalon Roselin

After reading and reviewing a little book called ALiCE, this author instantly became a favourite and one I’ve kept on my radar! With two further books by the author on my TBR list, I wanted to pause for a moment and get to know Avalon a little more through an author interview.

I asked Avalon some questions about her current works and what she’s working on at the moment, and I have to say, her answers were thorough and enjoyable to read! I hope you’ll all take some time out to look into her incredible work – I can guarantee you’ll be able to find something you’ll love.

  1. Tell us about your books! 

My books are all about exploring different possibilities, which is why I haven’t chosen one specific genre to stick to–though I do indulge in some of my favorite storytelling conventions and tropes throughout all my works. What can I say? I love found families and complex character relationships, and those are easily incorporated into a variety of genres and can be looked at from different angles in each! I think my books appeal to those who are looking for writing that isn’t afraid to step a little outside of genre norms, without being a complete genre subversion.

  1. Which was your favourite book to write and why?

That’s a tough one! I loved the experience of writing each of my books, but if I absolutely HAVE to choose one, it would be ALiCE. ALiCE was my first book and the one I wrote mostly to appeal to my own tastes in horror (which includes nearly every kind of horror)! I also worked very closely with my illustrator and creative partner R. Hamlin on ALiCE, so I have many fond memories of late-night brainstorming sessions at our local 24-hour diner. 

  1. What can readers expect from your books?

Readers should expect an exploration of family dynamics or other non-romantic character relationships, through the context of whichever genre the work falls into. I’m definitely not against including romance in my works, but I rarely make it the central focus of the character relationships. I also like to blend genres and play with genre conventions, and tend to include a lot of referential humor. See how many shout-outs to horror works and fairy tales you can find in ALiCE and Like Falling Stars respectively! 

  1. Who is your favourite indie author at the moment?

Now this is a dangerous question! There are so many indie authors I admire and whose works I love. Again, though, if I have to choose just one indie author, I’d have to say Elana Mugdan. She’s already three books into a series, has recorded an audiobook for the first, and is such a wildly positive force in the community in general. If you haven’t read her works yet and are a lover of fantasy adventure, I highly recommend The Shadow War Saga!

  1. What inspired you to write your books?

As weird or self-absorbed as it may sound, I did! My tastes in fiction have always been a little on the particular side, and I could almost never find the exact kind of story I wanted to read on bookstore shelves. As the Toni Morrison quote goes, “If there’s a book you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” So that’s what I’m doing. I’m just relieved others like them, too!

  1. Which book did you find the hardest to write, and why?

Stellar Eclipse: Cloudless Rain was definitely the hardest to write. It’s the book I had been working on the longest, and so I was the most strongly attached to the older ideas I had for it. Eventually my team got me to loosen up on some of the details that were really only still there because they always had been, and that’s when the story really started to shine. I had to let go of some scenes and characters I had strong feelings about, but sometimes that’s what it takes. Also, as the first in a series, it was hard to know what to leave open-ended for sequels and what to wrap up. As an indie author I knew there would be a sequel that wasn’t dependent on the success of the first book, but I also wanted Cloudless Rain to read as a complete story. Finding the balance was a unique challenge for this book that I hadn’t encountered before.

  1. You’ve already written a range of genres. What can we expect from you next?

I’m currently working on the second book in the Stellar Eclipse series, Dark Lightning, so that will fall in line with the mix of urban fantasy, thriller, and family drama that was the first book. After that, I’m trying my hand at a magical school story with Familiar Ties, which will feature characters from all across the fantasy world (witches, faeries, shadow bogeys, etc.) attending a magical university and navigating the rising political upheaval of their world. I rarely see magic schools set in areas of higher education, so I wanted to try a college-age take on the genre!

  1. I absolutely loved reading ALiCE – do you have any more plans for another creepy read?

Not as of yet–though it’s a joke among Roselin Productions that every single book I write has to have at least one scary scene in it! I would love to revisit the characters form ALiCE and/or write a gothic horror story someday. There are no solid plans for this right now, but it’s definitely something that’s been in the back of my mind for a while.

  1. Who is your all time favourite author and book?

I have had a deep love for Percy Jackson and the Olympians ever since I first read the series, with The Titan’s Curse as my all-time favorite! Though I have not kept up on Rick Riordan’s other series, I greatly respect and appreciate the work he’s done as an author to help raise up marginalized voices while continuing to write fun, fresh fantasy for middle-grade and young adult readers.

  1. What is one piece of advice you’d give to new authors?

Give yourself permission to be as self-indulgent as you want. You’d be amazed how much more fun and productive writing is when you’re doing it for yourself first!

About the author.

Avalon Roselin started Roselin Productions alongside long-time partner R. Hamlin in 2016 with the publication of their first book, ALiCE. Since then, she has published two more books (Like Falling Stars and Stellar Eclipse: Cloudless Rain) and strives to provide support to the indie author community through her online bookstore (www.roselinproductions.com).

Avalon currently has three books published – ALiCE, Like Falling Stars and Cloudless Rain – all available from Amazon on Kindle or paperback!

Want to be under the spotlight?

If you’d like your readers to get to know you a little better, or you’d like more exposure for you and your book, let me know! I’m always looking for indie authors to interview, so get in touch for a spot in May 🙂

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