Tainted Lionheart – Book Review

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Though life may taint us, we all have a lion, or lioness, within us. “

Poetry – not something I read often, but my goodness! This collection really changed a lot of things within me. Not only has my love for poetry grown by a considerable amount after finishing this book, but the author’s words and life lessons included were simply phenomenal and will stay with me for some time. Even if you’re not a reader of poetry (like I thought I was) I urge you to give this a try. I guarantee you’ll change your mind!

Tainted Lionheart by Christine Weimer is a collection that focuses on the progressive phases of heartache. Broken into three parts, Weimer takes you on a journey through the bruising and brooding of pain – and the process to which we breathe through it. It speaks to a vast audience in representation of the mess-to-mending of heart. It gives voice to those who need to be reminded that it is okay to hurt, and it is okay to be angry. But it is imperative that you find our inner-strength so that you may let go, rise, and begin anew.

The compilation of poetry and prose works you through the motions of honing your inner lionheart by understanding that you are brave enough to recognize hurt, work through your anger, and find ways of acceptance.


I was captivated by the author’s words as soon as I read through the introduction to the book. It’s clear she has experienced so much in her life, both good and bad, and the willingness to share this life experience through words is both brave and impressive as hell! Before I even began her poetry, I understood that there were three different sections to these poems; Bruising, Brooding and Breathing. These poems signify a different time in life. Times of pain, healing and growing stronger than ever. It’s such an important lesson for many – I’m sure many of us have suffered immense pain at one particular point in our lives, myself included, and I have so much admiration and thanks to authors who share such deep, emotional stories with their readers. It makes us feel like we’re not alone! I was so excited to read this collection, and before I even started, I knew each single verse would be a work of art.

Part One: Bruising

Part one consisted of 38 short, but powerful poems which moved me right to the core, and it was clear straight away that Weimer has a highly sought after gift with words. Each poem was emotional and clearly communicated a story of love, loss and heartbreak. It felt as though the author had shared a part of her soul with her readers, something so delicate and pure that it made me stop and think for a while. Each poem seemed to have multiple meanings, but I guess that’s the beauty of poetry – each person can interpret what they read in a completely different way, and I truly admired this throughout her work.

“Captured in this way, I should have known their light would go out eventually. I do impulsive things for a touch of luminosity.”

I found myself reading each poem two or three times, and after each new read, I found more information from deep inside those words. Poems such as Acrobat, Broken, Silence and Vicious Cycle really spoke to me, and I was regularly left speechless with amazement. This amazement didn’t just come from Weimer’s flawless use of words and language, but from just how much these poems spoke to me on a personal level. Even though they reminded me of hard times I would rather forget, it was much easier to reflect on these experiences and understand that I have become the lioness the author wants me to become.

Part Two: Brooding

The brooding selection of poems really set that thought in motion, forcing the reader to think about something that has happened in their past which makes them feel anger, sadness or worry. I saw a slight change in the tone of these poems – a little more attitude perhaps, or maybe this was the time in which she was really processing what what happening with that internal mind battle. Again, each line of prose flows effortlessly, almost delicately onto the next, and it was proving to be such a breathtaking reading experience. Weimer knows just how to captivate the readers of this collection, and it seemed as if she did this without even trying to (although I’m sure she did. 😊)

“You are dead to me. But I visit that special place in my mind where your memory lays to rest. It sleeps.”

Rotting Reminiscence, Faces, Nowhere and Butterflies were particularly powerful in this section of the book in my eyes. Acting like you’re okay on the outside, while you’re fighting an internal battle which no one knows about is a common theme for many, as is remembering the good times and forgetting the mountains and mountains of completely terrible ones. Oh, the horrid memories! The more I read of Weimer’s poetry, the more I knew how much her collection would help those in need of them. Simply reading something a person suffering can relate to could make so much of a difference to their mental and physical well-being in times of need.

Part Three: Breathing

This part of the collection made me think of turning a new leaf and coming to terms with any loss or hardships you have faced in life. The poems in this section had a much lighter tone in my opinion, like this was the part where the author was experiencing the healing process. The healing process doesn’t just mean things are fine and back to how things were before the pain, and the poetry still makes this known. Times will still be tough, but the strength is shown so greatly through these poems that it gives the reader hope and a sense of acceptance. I found myself holding on to each word, and I knew that every sentence was so important in the message of each poem. Beautifully put together and effortlessly flowing from start to finish.

“I’d much rather recycle you with the rest of the waste. Maybe if we’re lucky they can salvage what is left of you.”

Pages, Afterlife, Let Go, Flames and Steel were my personal favourites in this collection, even though each and every one of them spoke to me in a deep, unique and satisfying way. Each poem felt like a call to rise above negative feelings and walk out of the fire with your head held high. I was so taken aback by the powerful words and imagery, and I finished reading feeling refreshed and free from any of those hidden demons. It was a strange feeling, and I never thought any kind of poetry would force me to feel the way I did after reading this, but I ended the book with a very open mind and a keen desire to recommend it far and wide!

Overall thoughts.

This collection of poetry was some of the most beautiful, powerful and moving pieces of text I’ve ever read. Each poem in the collection tells an important story and gives a crucial life lesson. I took away so much hope, bravery and determination from the collection as a whole and the way in which the author gives the reader these feelings amazes me and fills my heart with joy. So many people fighting internal battles can take so much away from this poetry collection and I’m confident they may even be able to begin their healing process from reading these words. I want to personally thank the author for bringing hope and confidence back to people who may otherwise never see it again. An absolutely incredible book!

Again, a huge thank you to the author, Christine Weimer for the copy of this poetry collection. You can purchase your own copy of the book over on Amazon or through my little bookshop at Bookshop.org, where you can help local book stores! You can follow the author over on Instagram and Facebook for more updates.

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