Lucy’s Last Chance – Book Review

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“You just have to know that you need to make yourself happy, not live up to any one else’s expectations.”

Such a delightful story which teaches so much about fighting for what you want and the beauty that is a loving relationship. Even though this one is book four of the Moonshire Bay Small Town Romance series, it can be read as a standalone book, but I’ll definitely be checking out books one to three after this one! I’m so pleased to be on this blog tour – a huge thanks to Emma at Damp Pebbles and the author for my copy. Here’s my review!

Lucy was a high-powered attorney who had a nervous breakdown after her husband left her. Broken, she came to the town of Moonshire Bay to start over as a yoga instructor; determined to find inner peace in all things this time around.

Brant is running for Mayor and running after Lucy, but she is scared of his drive and need for success.

Can Lucy realize she’s stronger than she thinks and take a chance on love?

The beginning

The story started off so beautifully! Even from a couple of pages in, Lucy’s feelings towards Brandt are clear, and the stunning description was enough to make any romance lover melt! Even though Lucy wasn’t interested in finding anyone new after her husband left her, Brandt seemed to have an effect on her that she just couldn’t seem to shake. Her feelings for this guy are obvious as soon as we meet these characters, but his political life seemed too heavy for her. There’s no way the two could get together, and Lucy was perfectly fine living alone and running her yoga classes. Or was she? Deep down, she seems to want some sort of companionship, but isn’t quite ready to take that leap. We’ve all been there! The story flows perfectly and the author’s tone of voice made each page such a joy to read. Even though Brandt is determined to take her out, Lucy stands her ground which must have been hard, especially when she already seems to have fallen for those dimples!

The story alternates between Lucy and Brandt’s point of view, which I was pleased about as I really wanted to learn more about this guy in the back of Lucy’s mind. We learn so much about both of these characters and they are so incredibly well put together. With such fabulous description, it felt like we’d known these characters for so long, and I think this is such a great skill for any author to possess. From very early on, it was obvious the author has an immense skill for writing romance that not only draws in a reader and makes them feel for the characters involved, but also keeps them guessing to where a relationship will go and how it will develop. So far, I was really enjoying getting to know these characters and was excited to join them on their journey. The beginning of the story was a complete delight to experience!

As the story moves on, it seems both Lucy and Brandt have plans to purchase the same property – the perfect yoga studio and apartment for Lucy, and a worthwhile investment for Brandt and his brother. Eeeesh! With both characters unaware the other has their eye on the same place, I could only imagine how this would play out at this point. Would one character be courteous and allow the other to complete the sale, or would there be a fight or disagreement between them, even if they do have subtle feelings for one another? Brandt has a lot to think about, and I was already feeling a bit sorry for him. Does he let Lucy down, the one woman he’s been dying to have a date with, or does he let his own brother and his future plans down? Such a huge dilemma which, as a Mayor, he must settle in the right way to prevent any upset and anger from the residents of the town.

“She didn’t know if it would be worth it to open her heart like that for anyone else, even if Brandt Holden made it very tempting.”

The author had well and truly grabbed my attention so early on in the book and refused to let it go! Everything from the style of writing, the likability of the characters and the direction the book was moving in was just so well planned. Lucy’s character and her feelings were so relatable and it was nice to learn more about her background and how it has shaped her into the woman she’s become. With the possibility of losing that dream studio, I was curious to learn whether she’d succeed in the move or whether it’d be taken from her. I was also keen to learn how all this affected Lucy and Brandt’s relationship. We were yet to see any particular spark or one of those ‘moments’ between the two – had the Foster House situation prevented this pair from ever attempting to make a relationship work? It would be interesting to find out how things changed over time!

The middle

After an unintentional kiss that confirmed exactly what Brandt needed to know, the pair begin to get to know each other a little better. I was glad they’d put their differences aside while they chatted, but I was sure this was going to be short lived. Lucy was adamant that the kiss was a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, and that things weren’t going to go any further between them. It was at this point where I knew these two would make a really well matched couple and it was a little frustrating that things weren’t moving quicker! I didn’t mind this though and it all added to the feel of the story – what would a romance book be without a bit of a chase?! It was so easy to relate to the sides of both these characters and it was such a joy to read their individual points of view. The book flows nicely and even though it’s a shorter read than most, it was just as involving as a longer novel!

The middle of the story mixes feelings of betrayal, disappointment and sadness as Lucy feels let down by Brandt’s brother’s announcement. Even though it’s out of Brandt’s hands, Lucy doesn’t know this, and blames him for his brother’s actions. I felt like jumping into the book and saying, “Hold on! Don’t blame poor Brandt!” It was a weird feeling! Lucy seems to be overly conscious about things, which I suppose can be a good and a bad trait. This was probably her Lawyer background shining through, which I thought was a clever little addition from the author. With Brandt desperate to set things right between himself and Lucy, he tries so hard to win her back over and apologise for what happened. I only wished she’d go easy on him and give him another chance. Would she be willing to put everything behind her and start afresh?

With an attractive offer on the table which would benefit both Lucy and Brandt, she accepts, and finally starts to become more welcoming towards him. I liked where the story was going – Lucy would have to put her trust in him again, even when the first time failed. It subtly shows how she feels about him, without even saying the words. I enjoyed reading about how their friendship got stronger over time and wondered if they’d be able to take this to the next level. Would she be strong enough? Would she be able to trust him completely? We also meet another character, Lucy’s mother, at this point in the book, who tries to get her to leave her yoga profession behind and go back to her lawyer career. There was so much on Lucy’s mind and reading about all the decisions she had to make even made me feel a little stressful! It would be interesting to see how she managed her life at this point and just where Brandt’s place in it was.

“Lots of people look good on the outside. Doesn’t mean their insides match.”

The more Lucy and Brandt speak about each other when they’re not in each other’s presence just solidifies the fact that they need to give some sort of a relationship a go! Her feelings for him only get stronger as she accompanies him to his fundraiser events, and it was clear such a positive relationship was blossoming between the two. However, at the final fundraiser, she quickly finds out that their target is someone who she thought she’d never see again. We’re left shocked and saddened for Lucy as she quickly leaves, and I just hoped this incident didn’t affect the progress herself and Brandt were making! Things seemed uncertain at this point, and the author has done a great job of making us think ahead, wondering how she feels about this unexpected meeting and just if it will affect her confidence. I hoped she’d be strong and I crossed my fingers for a happy ending!

The end

With the help of her close friends, Lucy begins to heal from her run in with Stephen, her ex-husband, and the author has highlighted the need for good friends and to not let feelings bottle up inside. Speaking to a good friend is most definitely some of the best therapy around! However, where does she now stand with Brandt? The book takes a more serious tone as Lucy pulls herself together and it was good to see her confidence return to how it was. She’s determined to speak to the guy who has recently stole her heart, even if she was a little nervous. The author has done a great job of making us feel for both main characters, understanding their own individual points of view whilst also wishing that they’d work things out. Could things be fixed this time round, or was it a sign they shouldn’t be together? The book really captured the reader at this point – a good sign of things to come!

A scene I really liked from the ending of the book is the discussion Lucy and Brandt had to iron things out once again. The dialogue was great and as a reader, I could really feel the emotion behind the words spoken. This conversation was very beneficial for them both, and I was excited to see what came of it! With so much happiness going on at this moment of the book, I almost forgot about the Foster House! Who would be the lucky party? Whoever it was, would Lucy and Brant be able to work through it and keep their relationship alive? Hopefully, Lucy’s ex-husband wouldn’t show his face again – I’ve never loathed a character in a romance as much as I did with Stephen before! As the book began to draw to a close, I was looking forward to seeing what the fate of the two characters would be and just how the author rounded things off.

New opportunities arise for the characters which, if taken, could provide a very different outcome for Lucy and Brant’s relationship. The potential to follow their dreams arise, but what would the price be? There was a lot to consider here for the characters and the author has created a very powerful ending to the book. Emotions are running high, not just for the characters in the book, but for the reader too! I remember at this point of the book, I took a short break from reading, and even in my time away from the book, I found myself mulling over what I’d read and thinking up possible outcomes for the characters! What would I do if I found myself in their situation? Is a loving relationship more important than a once in a lifetime opportunity? I was curious to know which direction the characters chose to go in, and what this would affect as a result.

“She’d survived a breakdown, her divorce, and running into her ex-husband and his new wife. She could handle a conversation with Brandt Holden.”

I felt Brandt really stepped up once he hears some potentially life changing news from one of Lucy’s friends, and with how things were looking at this point in the book, I wondered if things could ever be settled between the two! With Lucy jumping to conclusions and Brant withholding important information, it was only natural for these two characters to get their wires crossed. Would they be able to work things out, not only for their relationships, but for their professional lives too? The book explores just how strong love can be and emphasises the need to always follow your heart. A lovely read for romance lovers and a strong four stars from me!

Overall thoughts

A cute little romance with a few life lessons along the way, Lucy’s Last Chance explored the meaning of love and that you should always fight for what you truly want. This book was a nice shorter read, and even though I haven’t read the other books in this series, I’m eager to now! The characters were interesting with solid personalities, and now I can’t help but want to live in Moonshire Bay myself! A lovely book from the author and one which I am confident romance lovers everywhere will really enjoy.

A huge thanks to the author, Elle Sweet, for the copy of the book, and Emma from Damp Pebbles for my spot on the blog tour! Lucy’s Last Chance will be released on August 12th and is available for pre-order from Amazon now.

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