8 Ways To Take Care Of Your Eyes

How often do you think about your eyes and how healthy they are? Can you imagine life without being able to see? 

You should never take your eyesight for granted. If you were to develop problem with your eyesight it could have a dramatic impact on the whole of your life. What would you miss the most? Looking at the sunset? Or reading a good book?

There are a number of ways that your eyes could start to develop problems. For example, your eyes could change shape which would, in turn, cause your eyesight to blur. 

You may start to see spots appearing on your eyes or you may develop glaucoma. The smallest changes in your eyesight could bring on headaches making driving unsafe. 

So, how can you ensure you are taking the best care of your eyes? 

Here are eight ways that you can take care of your eyesight. Read on to find out more.   

1. Take A Look At Your Diet

While you may not naturally associate your eyesight with your diet.However, the right vitamins and a balanced diet may well help to protect your eyes. 

Make sure that your diet is rich in foods that have vitamin A and beta carotenes. These include sweet potatoes, squashes, and carrots. These will help you to see better especially when in poor lighting conditions. 

Vitamin A is essential for vision, it helps you to have a clear cornea. The cornea is the outside covering of your eye. Vitamin A is found within a protein called rhodopsin which is found in the eyes. 

2. Don’t Spend Too Much Time Staring At Screens

Be aware of how much time you spend in front of computer screens. If you are someone that works at a computer all day, make sure that you take breaks every twenty minutes so that your eyes can take a break. You could be straining your eyes which could cause them to get damaged. 

3. Go For An Eye Test

Make an appointment with your optician so that you can go for an eye test. You should do this at least every two years. An eye test will be vital for making sure that there are no changes to your eyesight. 

When you do go for an eye exam, there will be a series of short tests that you will need to complete. These are designed to find out what extend you are able to see at different distances, You may have tests that look for blind spots and glaucoma. 

Once you have had your eyes tested, if you need to have glasses or contact lenses, then your optician will prescribe them for you. 

4. Wear Your Prescription Glasses As Instructed

If you’ve been prescribed glasses by the optician, then you should wear them as you have been instructed. If you choose to not wear them, it could cause you to strain your eyes which could, in turn, cause headaches. 

If you need to buy glasses, you can order some of these on this website. Use the prescription that your optician provided so that you can find the correct lenses for your eyes.  

5. Look After Your Eyes in The Sun

If you look directly towards the sun then it could cause considerable damage to your eyes. Not only that, but even if you look at the sun when it is covered by clouds or when you are wearing sunglasses, then this could damage your eyes. 

If you go outside on a sunny day, make sure that you wear sunglas with a good UV rating of at least 400. You could also wear brimmed hat so that you can keep the sun out of your eyes. 

6. Wear Protective Eyewear 

If you have a job working in a factory or even on a construction site, then your eyes could get damaged if something goes into them. To ensure you do not have any injuries, make sure that you always wear any protective eyewear provided for you. 

7. Quit Smoking

Smoking will increase the risk of you developing age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration or cataracts. If you currently smoke, you should think about quitting. 

8. Check Your Family Medical History 

There are a number of different eye diseases that are inherited. Knowing your family’s medical history will be helpful. If you know that someone in your family currently has or has had an inherited eye disease, make sure and let your optician know as they can look out for these conditions in you. 

* This is a collaborative post.

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