Ringing The Bell – Book Review


Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“The idea of free choice is synonymous to freedom and the degree of maturity of a society. The day we accept and understand that right, we would have grown as a society.”

About the book

An attempt to ring the metaphorical bell of social awareness about what’s going wrong around us. We learn about a lot of issues but somewhere we ignore the impending threats because we choose to ignore the voices of change around us. Here’s to making those voices heard.

My thoughts

I jumped into this book not knowing what to expect, but it certainly satisfied my craving for an engaging non-fiction read! I love finding new non-fiction authors with not only exceptional writing talents, but also the ability to explore an area in-depth which only leaves me wanting more of it. This book about social awareness ticks all the boxes and is something that any reader will be able to get enjoyment out of. Readers can also grab the opportunity to learn essential lessons to pass on to others which makes the book such a valuable tool.

This book is split up into 13 sections, with each chapter covering a range of issues that are problematic in society today, ranging from wisdom and knowledge, to attitudes to culture and even social media. The author seems to have the power to change a reader’s mindset for the better, and is also highly skilled in creating solid arguments to back up a range of points. This was one of many positives I took from this book, and the fact that the points covered are so detailed makes it so interesting to explore. In particular, I really loved the chapters entitled The Right To Choices and Not So Social Media – I felt like I managed to lose myself in these pages in particular and mull over so many of these issues which I wholeheartedly agreed with.

“Ignorance to something wrong is being an aid to it.”

– The Window

I love a non-fiction book that can keep me ingrained in its pages just as much as a fiction book could, and this book really does score highly on this for me. This book is clearly written by an author who is a deep thinker, and the way he explores a range of topics is pretty impressive! Not only are these topics written with clarity and meaning, but the author also seems to encourage a reader to apply the information explored to their own lives, as I did when reading this book.

As well as teaching the reader, the book also encourages the reader to educate others on the points covered within its pages, meaning many others aside from those who read this book can benefit. At the end of each chapter, the author includes a great selection of meaningful quotes from different people which helps the reader to put many of the things they read into perspective. The way the whole book is set out is clear and professional, and is just a pleasure to read through.

“We may disregard it, turn our back on it, but what we must do is acknowledge it and change it. Not someday, today.”

– The Window

What I really admired and what stood out for me the most was just how much reading this book felt like I was having a deep conversion with the author – the tone used speaks to the reader in a way that is easily digestible and informative, and the topics included are ones that you could easily pick up with a friend or family member. I found myself physically nodding in agreement to many of the points the author makes, and it even gave me ideas for conversation starters for those I know with similar topics of interest. The author also includes many recommendations for change in the book which are easy to implement and pass on to others.

Overall, I found this book to be enlightening, informative and thought-provoking, and I feel I’m now much more aware of the differences of life in India. I’m very keen to read more from this author in future and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book to anyone looking for something to get them thinking about positive changes they can make to their own mindset, as well as those who want to do their part for society by educating others in the right way. A fantastic book that I’ll most certainly be picking up again in moments of need. The world needs more people like Raghav in it!

Ringing The Bell by Raghav Ralhan is out now on Amazon, available on Kindle! Make sure you’re following the author over on Instagram for more updates.

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