The Cat Who Loved The Moon – Book Review


Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“She waited. And waited. But the moon’s big circles and swirls and crescent smiles weren’t there like they used to be.”

I’m sure children’s books just get better and better these days! I’ve completely and utterly fallen in love with little Cromwell in this book and I know many others will too, young or old. With such an important lesson to learn and so much to take away from this short book, I just had to write a review and attempt to do this little gem justice. If you’re looking for something new for your child’s bookshelf, or even if you’re looking for a simple story with a crucial lesson for anyone to take on board, this book is simply perfect.

About the book

The Cat Who Loved The Moon offers a heartfelt message of comfort during times of loss and change. Cromwell, a calico cat, is delighted that her shapes and patterns mimic stages of the moon. She loves their bond and the similarities they share, but one day, the moon silently slips away. Cromwell searches for the moon everywhere. What unfolds is a gentle lesson about love, loss, and the beauty of lasting memories.

The story…

Little Cromwell the calico cat is just the cutest little thing on this earth. Not only do the illustrations make this little cat seem adorable as hell, but the way the author has written the story makes you love her even more! Cromwell has some sort of fascination with the moon, almost befriending it in a way. She loves seeing it through the window, and always admires its shapes and patterns. She also finds it intriguing how they share certain similarities, such as how she can make the same shapes as the moon with her tail, and also how she shares the same special patterns as the moon on her fur. Just the whole idea of this was beautiful, and it automatically puts a big old smile on your face. It’s impossible not to feel warm and fuzzy inside, and the description is just really lovely.

However, that lovely feeling soon turns into a little bit of heartbreak (but for a good reason!) The moon disappears one day, confusing little Cromwell and forcing her to start a search for this new found friend. She looks everywhere but to no avail, and slowly begins to get sadder and sadder the more time that passes. As much as I felt sorry for her, I knew she’d need to learn to live without the moon, which is where the real purpose of the story shines through. The story ends on a much lighter note, despite the sadness both Cromwell and the reader experience, and I felt like everything building up to this point was something that needs to be talked about more in our lives. This book provides the perfect conversation starter with children about love, loss and how to overcome that loss, as well as keeping those most precious memories dear to our hearts. I think I can feel myself welling up a bit just writing this review!

The best bits…

The emotions I felt while reading through these short few pages was certainly a highlight for me – the author has cleverly incorporated a range of feelings into simple, beautiful language which really makes her talent shine through. Children are not only sure to be attracted to the perfect illustrations, but the way in which the author writes feels so welcoming and something that children can instantly relate to and understand. The ending of the book and the message it conveys was also brilliant. Even though it may be sad on the surface, the message behind it was cleverly incorporated into the words, something I think many adults will be grateful for.

The moral of the story…

The lesson about creating great memories with the people you love and keeping them close to you is such an important one, and this story is gentle with the steps towards it. The cat in this story will eventually be any child who reads this book – one day, they will lose someone they love dearly, and they’ll need to focus on those good memories and hold onto them in order to get through. This story will give anyone hope for the future, and teach the younger generation how to cope with loss, and help them relate to the story by focusing on the people they love. It truly is beautiful, and I can’t wait to recommend this book far and wide for this reason alone! Everything else – the beautiful illustrations and the fun, memorable story is just a bonus. A perfect first book from Jennifer Lea Reynolds!

Overall thoughts

This charming story will delight youngsters and even the oldest of adults, as Cromwell the cat builds an unlikely bond with the moon, learning a crucial life lesson in the process. The lesson of love, loss and holding those memories close is explored in such a delicate way, but also a way that is simple and beautiful to experience too. Everything works together in this story to entertain and to teach, and the author has well and truly perfected her talent here. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

The Cat Who Loved The Moon by Jennifer Lea Reynolds is available on Amazon now! Make sure you’re following the author over on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

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