The Super Twins 2 – Book Review


Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Evil Dad may have been defeated, but since the epic battle, things had gone quiet… A little too quiet…”

The second book in the Super Twins series is HERE and I am absolutely speechless! Well, not quite seeing as I did write this review, but it is seriously the finest follow up to the first book. In this book, we revisit our favourite twins, Ryan and Jake, and even see the return of their Evil Dad as he terrorises the town of Trincaster once more. With fantastic new characters in the mix and and a gripping new plot, I just knew this was going to be a memorable second book before I even began. I wasn’t disappointed! I’m opening the blog tour today over on Instagram – come and join the celebrations!

Since the infamous Battle of Wheatsheaf Hill, Ryan and Jake have become local celebrities. The people of Trincaster are to honour the Super Twins’ bravery by erecting a statue of them at their annual Fast Food Festival.

But not everyone wants to join in with the festivities. A dark force is lurking in the shadows intent on destroying all the fun.

Can the Super Twins stop the return of Evil Dad and save their town (again) from total destruction?

The beginning

It’s clear straight away just how much this author has grown and developed since book one. Don’t get me wrong, book one of this series was exceptional, but in this book, you can see just how much further he takes the Super Twins’ story and just how much Evil Dad means business! (Wait a minute, didn’t this guy get defeated in the last book?!) We start the book by hearing of his plans to eliminate the Super Twins once and for all, and we can already sense just how epic this journey will become. The opening to this book is guaranteed to grab your attention, and I honestly believe it’s not just for middle graders – it’s gripping, funny and really gives you a sense of joy, but also intrigue as we wonder exactly what this book will hold. Are the Super Twins Safe? Will Evil Dad rid them of their powers and create a world full of hard-working vegetable eaters?! Only time would tell…

The Twins had an important event to attend – the Trincaster Fast Food Festival, where they’d be unveiling their very own statue which was pretty damn cool. They certainly deserved it after the Battle of Wheatsheaf Hill and for being the amazing super heroes that they are! One thing that struck me as odd straight away was how different Jake seemed to be acting, and Ryan had also noticed that he wasn’t himself, being more distant and irritable than usual. Could this have anything to do with the fact that Evil Dad was back and secretly plotting against them? Or could something else be causing Jake to act so out of character? Already, the author has set those thoughts in motion, making readers use their imaginations and question the little things. There was already so many talking points for kids and adults to discuss, and it even made me think harder about what could potentially go down in this story!

“If you fail us again, it will be the end for you. Any connection you had to those troublesome twins is over. Now do as we instructed.”

I loved the change in perspective in this story; following the Twins’ journey and hearing about Gedeon’s secret plans to take over, showing that he was even more important than Evil Dad, was just the perfect balance. The humour and danger is also balanced so well and I already thought the author had perfected this before we’d even gotten to the really good stuff! Everything was always so interesting to me and the description in many scenes was already so impressive. Gedeon was a fabulous character (even though I wasn’t rooting for the bad guys!) and he stuck with me throughout the entire book. He seemed so easy to visualise and I loved how aggressive and terrifying he was to others. Just like every other character in this series, he’d been created well and developed to perfection. However, the Super Twins would always be my favourite pair for obvious reasons!

How the Twins entered the Alliance of Superheroes Headquarters through a vending machine blew my mind! It reminded me of how the characters in Harry Potter enter the Ministry of Magic – a small detail, but a very cool one, I must admit! These little things make all the difference in a book, and the author certainly makes these stand out! Their meeting with another friendly face, Vortex, highlighted some concerns about the upcoming food festival. There were rumours that a mysterious dark force was lingering that could signal the return of Evil Dad. They’d need to keep security as high as possible to keep themselves and the other attendees safe. A new character, Laila, is introduced, and straight away I loved her. I felt like her attitude and ideas would really help in this book, and she was such a colourful little character. I hoped they’d all be able to work together (despite Jake’s initial feelings about having a girl on the team) and I couldn’t wait to read more about the festival!

The middle

As Jake and Laila start to tolerate each other and become friends, it’s Ryan’s turn to get a little frustrated by her presence. Was he a bit jealous? Or was he just wishing it was just him and Jake against the world as it had always been? However, he doesn’t have long to dwell on the issue as the group hear of a break in at the chemical plant, where a dangerous chemical had been stolen! Us readers know exactly what’s going on in the background, but hearing the news alongside Jake and Ryan felt just as exciting. Ryan has his suspicions about what’s going on and exactly who was behind the incident at the chemical plant, and it seemed the group needed to get to work on a possible solution as soon as possible. The pace picks up here and the excitement was building at such a fast rate. Just how close to danger were they, and would they be able to get out of it this time?!

I thought the way the author had focused on different groups of characters in turn worked really well. From Evil Dad and Gedeon, to Ryan and Jimmy and then Jake and Laila, we get such a detailed account of events from every angle and nothing is left out! This helped me to feel so involved in the story and I knew it’d be easy for the younger generation to keep up with too. There are surprises around every corner, and there is seriously never a dull moment. Although quickly paced, I think this is exactly what the book needs to hold onto the reader’s attention and keep them desperate for what comes next. I honestly couldn’t get enough! With a mutant army being created and time running out, I couldn’t help but wonder whether the Twins were prepared enough for what lay ahead. I was sure we’d soon find out! I was hoping Laila could bring something really special to the table and help the Twins with whatever came their way.

“Jake stopped dead in his tracks and observed the base in action. The place was gearing up for battle, there was no question about it.”

Things become a little tense between Jake and Ryan as arguments start – I was a bit nervous about these disagreements as I knew the Twins needed each other in order to succeed in taking down Evil Dad! I hoped the bickering wouldn’t come between their friendship and the safety of their town. Soon after, Ryan has to face some intense action without his brother, and once again, the description we read and the danger Ryan is faced with here has been written so perfectly. I was reading faster and faster, holding my breath as Gedeon attacked in his new unhuman form. The detail the author has put into each and every scene is just magnificent and it all felt strangely real for a kids fiction book! With Ryan’s life in the balance, it was unclear whether he’d be fit enough to take down Evil Dad and whoever he was working with, including Professor Bios… The journey so far had been enjoyable, but I still put all my hope in Ryan and his recovery.

I loved how the Super Twins’ heavy metal-loving, sassy, no-fear Grandma came to Ryan’s aid – wasn’t she just the coolest character?! I did have a giggle at this woman but also though we’d make good friends if this was the real world. Meanwhile, Jake and Laila make an overwhelming discovery. What would you do if you saw a group of half-wolf, half-human… things ready for battle?! The fear intensifies for these characters (and myself, I must admit) and it was certainly at this point in the book where the Super Twins needed each other to succeed. Would Jake and Laila come out of their sticky situation alive? Would Ryan ever accept Laila and realise she was only there to help? With the ending coming up, I couldn’t wait to see how things turned out for these characters, whether Evil Dad would be eliminated, and even whether the Trincaster Fast Food Festival would go ahead without any issues!

The end

The Twins’ Grandma was even more fascinating than I first thought and we learn more information about her that I didn’t expect (and neither did Ryan!) Could she really help them fix Ryan up again? The author has not only developed his characters so much further than I thought was possible, but also made them more fun and exciting which really suited the book. I loved reading about the danger the characters face, the courage even the newest characters show as well as each battle scene, which just amazed me from start to finish. Middle graders, you are in for such a treat with this book you lucky, lucky things!! I was desperate for all these characters to join each other once again as their powers would be so much stronger and efficient when they put their heads together. I could sense a final battle incoming, and a whole lot of danger – what would happen when the Twins met Evil Dad this time around?

The start of the Trincaster Fast Food Festival sounded such fun and the way it was described made it sound like my dream event if I was still a kid (although I wouldn’t say no to it right now!) However, the fun soon fades as Evil Dad shows his face and terrifies the gathering crowds. With the Super Twins absent from the event, how on earth would they be able to save the day?! I was hanging on the edge of my seat as I was desperate to hear of the Twins’ safety, but I was also hoping they’d come to the town’s rescue when they needed them the most. How Evil Dad terrorised the town made for some gripping reading once more, and I was so impressed with this reading experience. Even though Evil Dad is, well, evil, I absolutely loved this character and found the way he spoke to the people of Trincaster to be really bloody scary! I strangely enjoyed placing myself in the shoes of a member of this town, and it was easy to feel their terror.

“Speaking of dramatic entrances… I’m back!”

To my delight, we do get the immense battle scene I’d been craving, with added food fight and fearless Grandma! I couldn’t help but wonder if the Twins would be able to go through with eliminating Evil Dad – he was their dad after all and I was certain they’d still love him deep down. However, would he be too powerful this time? These final epic scenes were so enjoyable and at this point, there was no telling where the story would go or what the fate would be for each of these characters. The finer details here were amazing, from the butter loaded machine gun used by Gold Shield to witnessing Ryan’s Super Seismic energy, it’s clear just how much thought and attention has gone into perfecting these scenes. I loved every minute! Even through all the intense action and danger, I was thinking about where the end of the book would leave us. Would things be settled this time around, or would it be clear another book is needed in this series? Either way, I knew the author would end things perfectly yet again.

I was surprised when I was hit with emotion in those final few pages and I felt a little lump in my throat at one particular point! As I expected, that brilliant battle scene ended in such a show stopping way, but I also got the impression that things weren’t over in the long term. The importance of family and being around the ones you care about is portrayed well in the final scenes and really does get you thinking about what is important. Even though the ending was filled with emotion, there was also heart-warming elements that just made me love the twins even more. I knew we’d hear more about these characters again and when we do, I knew Jake and Ryan would be ready for whatever life threw their way… Another fantastic book from this author and definitely another five starts for the Super Twins without a doubt!

Overall thoughts

This author knows exactly what a children’s book needs to keep readers hooked, to help them fall in love with a range of witty, memorable characters and to create a story line that is filled with fast-paced action, evil forces and two loveable brothers trying to save the world! Super hero stories genuinely do not get better than this! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed book two in the Super Twins series and yet again, I’ve been blown away with the author’s use of language and gripping plot, even for a children’s book. I’m confident lovers of book one in this series will love this book even more, and if you haven’t tried this series yourself yet, I’d always recommend it for kids and adults alike. Completely charming, thoroughly enjoyable and hilarious as ever – perfect!

A huge thank you to the author, Andy Slinger, for my copy of this book to read and review for the blog tour! The Super Twins 2 is available now through Amazon on Kindle. Make sure you’re following the author over on Twitter and Instagram for more updates!

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