A Tale Of Wonderful Whiffs – Book Review


Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“The Universe works in mysterious ways. There is magic flowing through every day.”

I’ve always been a big dog lover, but I’ve only experienced the true love a dog can bring in the last year or so when we brought our own puppy home! This book meant so much more to me knowing I had my own dog close by, and it’s as charming, funny and unforgettable as you’d expect just by looking at the cover. I’m so happy to be sharing my review for this beautiful book, one that makes the reader, whether young or old, think deeply about life and how lucky we are to be a part of the universe. Make sure you check out all the other reviews on the tour from these brilliant book bloggers!

About the book

Pugini is a pug on a mission.

This is the story of little Sophie and Pugini.
Everyday adventures of whiffs and wonders.
Together they explore the mysteries and beauty of the natural world.

There is more to life than meets the eye.
With a heart full of hope and a furry friend overflowing with love, little Sophie ventures on a bright journey into the magic of every new day.

We are surrounded by secret agents helping us understand that LOVE is all. Never alone, but all one.

The story…

This wonderful book really is one of a kind. We follow the story of Sophie and Pugini the Pug on their journey through life, experiencing the ups and downs, lifting each other up and enjoying everything the universe brings them to the fullest! This was quite a unique experience in many ways, but firstly, let’s discuss the writing from this author! She experiments with rhyme and such colourful words to create a magical experience for the reader, and simply reading her words seemed to lift my spirits! Each sentence was full of heart and we can easily feel attached to these two adorable characters in the process. What’s there not to like?! I found this book to not only focus on making the most of life and cherishing the little things, but to also highlight just how much love dogs have to give. Reading this story felt so rewarding in many ways, and if it gave me this reaction, I knew the intended younger audience would be absolutely thrilled with everything it brings!

We can all relate to a tooting dog (the subtle references were just golden!) and the author brings the most simplest of experiences to life in ways that not only make you smile and giggle to yourself, but also make you stop and think about so many things. I found the message behind the author’s wonderful words to be so refreshing and perfect to help mould young minds into the best way of thinking. I felt the story was a delightful confidence builder, as well as an invaluable tool in learning the true meaning of love and life in general. The illustrations in this book complement the author’s words perfectly, helping the story become even more memorable, forcing it to stick in your head. The author also asks questions to the reader along to way, starting discussions in reading sessions and encouraging the sharing of opinions. All in all, the author has created such a lovely story to delight all ages, but really highlights the important factors all children need in their lives at a young age. Simply perfect!

The best bits…

Pugini the Pug is absolutely adorable. Dogs truly are magnificent creatures, and the author has really captured all their loving and quirky bits that just make them the perfect companions. I could relate to so much being a dog owner, and every moment between Pugini and Sophie was captured perfectly, which was such a heartwarming experience. I loved how colourful and appealing each illustration was, and I made sure I spent time taking in all the intricate details from this truly talented illustrator! That uplifting feeling you get after each page was really unexpected, but just so so lovely, and really does lift your spirits. I think the best bit of this book was ALL of it!

The moral of the story…

I took away an awful lot from this book, and I just know so many others will too, regardless of their age. This adventure teaches to appreciate every little thing the universe has to offer, not taking anything for granted and teaching the importance of love and life in all its forms. I felt these lessons were perfectly told through the words and illustrations, and is certainly a book to come back to in times of self-doubt or whenever you need a little pick me up (again, regardless of age!) This author has perfected these lessons and takes this encouragement to a whole new level. Beautiful, funny and delightful until the very end!

Overall thoughts

I loved everything about this little book, and I’m confident anyone else who reads it will feel the exact same way! It not only looks like a fantastic book on the surface, but once you read each page, it’s clear just how meaningful and heartwarming the entire thing is. I’ll always believe in teaching the right things from early on in a child’s life; to appreciate what you have and to love and live so fiercely! This book had everything you could ever want in a children’s book – the humour, the colour and the important lessons to cherish and take away. I can’t wait to see what comes next from this author!

A huge thank you to the author, Sophie Loosveldt, and Love Books Tours for my copy of the book and my place on the blog tour! You can purchase your own copy of A Tale Of Wonderful Whiffs over at https://pugini.com. Make sure you’re following Pugini over on Instagram for more updates!

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