How to Get Started As a Freelance Writer


So, you like writing? That’s great, in fact, many people who love reading also have a passion for writing. So, it makes sense to want to strike out and turn this hobby into something that could earn you money. Some people write as a side job, earning a little extra income while honing their craft. Others have decided to strike out and use blogging and copywriting as their primary source of income. Finally, we have the brave few who take their love of reading and writing to the next level and attempt to publish their own novel

Whichever path you choose, there are a few ways that you can turn your burgeoning business into something truly viable.

  1. Improve Your Writing

No writer is perfect, which means that you always have some room for improvement. This is a good thing, as better skills mean that you have the potential to find better work. This is the pathway to interesting and well-paid jobs.

There isn’t one quick trick to great writing out there, but there is plenty of advice out there for aspiring writers. Some of it is even good advice. However, the best way to get better at writing is to practice. Whether this means setting up a blog, writing short stories, or taking on lower-paid work, the more you write, the better you will get.

  1. Look Professional

This doesn’t mean that you have to dress in a suit while tapping away at your keyboard, but it does pay to have a dignified and businesslike virtual appearance. People like to work with professionals, even if the professional in question prefers to work in the middle of the night while wearing an ancient hoodie.

One way to do this is by setting up a business address. This is also helpful for authors or bloggers who prefer not to reveal their personal addresses online. You can use a mailbox forwarding service like those offered by PhysicalAddress.

  1. Marketing

Connecting with clients, publishers, or potential customers is arguably one of the most painful parts of being a writer, no matter which avenue you choose to go down. But no matter how difficult it can be at times, this is how you make money.

Most importantly, you need a good portfolio. The only real way to show off how good a writer you are is to have completed work on hand. If you have a blog or some past work that you can use, then great. Otherwise, you can write sample articles or fiction for this purpose. Besides, you want to be practicing as much as possible anyway, so you might as well use that work.

  1. Keep Pushing

People often go into freelance writing because they appreciate the freedom and flexibility it affords, but it isn’t necessarily easy. While you can choose your hours, you still have to meet your deadlines and manage projects yourself. 

Even worse, it’s incredibly common for writers to experience “imposter syndrome”. This is where you might believe that you aren’t good enough to write professionally. However, if clients keep coming back, it must be for some reason. So keep writing, keep improving, and you’ll be on track for something wonderful.

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  1. Great tips! Practice is definitely a great way to improve.


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