Tips On How To Create A Novel

They say that everyone has a novel inside them, and it’s true, we all do. But being able to concentrate on an idea long enough to develop a full novel out of it can prove challenging. Yet, with the right focus and determination, you can create a full-length novel. So, to help you out, here are a few things you need to consider to create that novel:

The Idea

The idea to create your novel can come out of literally anything. Perhaps someone said something to you that really struck a nerve ten years ago. Perhaps you are an avid sports fan and watch a lot, and a player, or an unusual event really got your creative juices flowing. Maybe, you saw an article in the newspaper that hit a nerve. It does not matter where the initial idea comes from. You can build a narrative around anything, even a one-line sentence.


Once you have the initial spark of inspiration, you should brainstorm the idea. Write the idea down in the middle of the page, and anything that comes to mind from it write that down too. Characters, setting, plot, themes you want to explore, more sentences you want to include. This doesn’t have to be in any coherent structure, it is just meant to help you build upon the idea you already have. The idea may morph and change at this point, to incorporate all the new ideas you will be getting.  


Now it is probably prudent to do some research into the subject matter. Perhaps you could read other novels which are on a similar theme. This is always advisable as you will develop an idea on how these sorts of ideas are expressed. Reading reviews may also help. Type in one of the ideas into Google and see what comes out. Maybe you are interested in a particular injury caused as a result of a sport. Well, look into it and learn as much as you can. The more you know, the more authentic your work will feel. Additionally, by researching, you will be able to develop and expand on your ideas even more. 

Refine the Idea

Now you have more background and knowledge, you can begin to refine your idea and develop a clear way forward. You will have tighter plot ideas, and you will begin to see a basic overall structure. You will know if the story is character-driven or plot-driven, for example. This will help you with a focus when it comes to storytelling. You will begin to think about how some of the ideas you came up with in the research phase can be weaved onto the central piece. 

Write the Basic Structure

Write the story as you see it right now in a basic form, including all the most essential facets of the narrative. This may be about 1000 to 2000 words, give or take. It is longer than a synopsis, but to ensure your novel fits together and to create a basic skeleton, this is a vital step you can build upon going forward. 

* Collaboration with FATJOE Publishing.

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  1. WellsFiction says:

    Excellent. Thank you Em.

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  2. Great post here, Em! Research is a daunting part of the process, but that doesn’t hold a light to my most-hated part of it all—editing. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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