What is Inside Your Writer’s Toolbox?

Do you have a writer’s toolbox? It’s a little bit different from a workshop toolbox, but it’s just as useful – at least it’s useful for your writing craft. A writer’s toolbox contains techniques, processes, strategies, and ideas that can fuel your writing life and drive your creative success.

Some notebooks

Writer’s write, meaning that if you’re a writer, you need something to write on. Most writers use notebooks. Other options include a smartphone and a computer, but these aren’t always the most accessible or reliable ways to take notes and put your ideas down when you’re traveling. 

In general, you will want to have more than one notebook in your writer’s toolbox (it’s a good idea to create a writer’s bag as well that you can take around with you when you travel or go to the office). Use one notebook for taking notes and others for writing during your dedicated time.

Pens and ink

Smartphones can run out of charge when you need them the most, but notebooks can also run out of pens and ink. For that reason, you need to have a selection of pens and replacement ink for backup. Don’t rely on disposable pens; they take up to much space and don’t last very long. 

Instead, buy a high-quality pen such as a Parker or a Lama, and buy in some replacement ink online. As a writer, you will understand the importance of planning, but don’t forget about planning your writing tools; you will be glad of this when you grab a new pen at short notice.

A suitable computer

Whether you are writing fiction, non-fiction, or something else, you will use a computer at some point. If you’re the sort of writer who works on a computer primarily, it’s a good idea to choose the best computer for your lifestyle and to accessorize it according to your unique requirements. 

So how exactly can you accessorize a computer or laptop? One way is to choose the right keycaps for your writing style. Keycaps can improve your writing style and comfort, so if you’re at the keyboard for long hours each day, it’s worth checking out UK Keycaps for best results.

Writing techniques

There are two types of writers in the world, those that use writing techniques and those that don’t – but guess which kind are most successful? That’s right; it’s the former. Writing techniques such as narrative strategy, point of view, and literary devices are the key to writing success. 

So how can you acquire these writing techniques if you’re in the second camp? The best way is to create a writer’s toolbox; this can be a file on your computer or phone where you can put the various writing techniques you come across from the books you read and the classes you take.

A smartphone

When it comes to smartphone technology, writers are definitely split. Older writers swear by a notebook, but younger ones can’t leave their smartphones behind. There are pros and cons to both, but smartphones are useful for writing down ideas with multiple device access.

* Collaboration with FATJOE Publishing.

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