Improve Your Reading Skills: 4 Strategies To Get You Started


Reading is a fundamental skill that can be applied to almost any job or career. As technology continues to advance, reading skills become more critical than ever. Many jobs require daily reading of short articles, websites, manuals and other documents. Reading may seem straightforward, but it’s full of nuances that are challenging to master. If you want to improve your reading skills and read more easily, we have some helpful tips for you!

Set reading goals

When setting reading goals, you should consider both quantity and quality. The amount of reading is measured by the number of pages or articles you read. Reading quality is measured in the level of comprehension and analysis you can do in response to the text. The quantity of reading you do during a day, week, or month is entirely up to you. However, most people set a goal of 15 pages per day to stay on track.

Read every day

To improve your reading skills, you need to read a lot. This may seem obvious, but you can’t improve your reading skills without doing a lot of reading! If you want to improve your reading speed and comprehension, you’ll need to read frequently. Reading a lot will also help you build your knowledge base, which is essential for anyone who works in a field that requires reading. If you read every day, you’ll see a significant improvement in your reading ability. Start forming the habit of reading every day, and make it a part of your daily routine. While you don’t have to read for hours each day, try to read for at least 10 minutes per day.

Mix up genres

Reading a wide range of genres can improve reading comprehension and make reading more enjoyable. For example, if you are currently reading a textbook for your studies, you should consider switching to a different genre for a few days. From checking out an Online comic store or heading to the autobiography section of your local library, there are many different styles of books, articles and texts you can read. Reading different genres gives you the skill to navigate different writing types. It also helps you develop a more diverse vocabulary since words are often used differently depending on the genre.

Take notes

Some people might advise you to read without taking notes, but that is not a good strategy. When you read without taking notes, you are less likely to remember what you read. The key is to take the right kind of notes. When reading, try to highlight key points or take a few words from the text. You can then use these notes to guide your reading. They can also be used to structure your future essays or papers.

Summarise your reading as you finish each day

As you finish each reading session, try to summarise what you’ve just read. This is sometimes called an “exploration sentence.” You can ask yourself a few questions: What did you just read? What was the main idea of this article? What points did it make? Was there anything confusing? How could you apply what you just read? This will help you remember and connect what you’ve read to your knowledge base. This is particularly helpful if you’re reading a lot of long-form articles. 

If you follow these tips to improve your reading skills, you’ll soon notice a marked improvement in how easily you can read and understand various text types. Reading is a skill that can be developed with practice, and once you’ve mastered the art of reading, it can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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