Life Is Strange 2: Episode One – Game Review

“I don’t think Daniel knows what’s going on. I can’t tell him the truth now.”


Oh man, get out the tissues. I’m serious!

The original Life Is Strange game absolutely blew my mind. I loved everything about it. When it ended, I craved more! Before The Storm was a good enough game, but it didn’t have the Max and Chloe vibe that all us fans loved. The thing that made the game Life Is Strange.

A while after Before The Storm was released The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit came to our consoles. This brought my faith back a little. I loved this free little game the creators teased us with before Life Is Strange 2 was announced. All we knew with Captain Spirit was that it was set in the Life Is Strange universe and that we had a lot to get excited about. Basically, just this information alone was enough for LIS fans to go crazy; we expected great things from the new game!

Captain Spirit ended brilliantly. We saw some strange goings on after Chris fell from his tree house. We’re then soon shown two male characters next door to Chris, who turn out to be the two main characters from Life Is Strange 2, which is what we expected!

And so it begins. The game starts in the usual Life Is Strange way – the characters you just know are going to pull on your heartstrings, the music that grabs you and turns you into an emotional wreck. I’m talking about you, not me…


The game play begins how you’d expect. A normal family, just living life as they normally would. Daniel seems to get himself into a bit of a pickle with the kid next door which triggers a new power. Now, this was one of the things I was worried about. Max’s ability to rewind time in the first series really made the game what it was. Before the Storm was released without any of that, and it really lacked that ‘something’. When we get to this little gem of a scene, you know we get a fancy new power from Daniel, even if we’re not entirely sure what it is at this stage. Noice! After a bit of a tussle, we see a nasty end for dad, and the start of new journey on the run for our two bois.

Sean is forced into a new parental role, and does a great job of focusing on his brother after they’ve just lost their father. Daniel doesn’t know at this point, and keeping him safe is Sean’s main priority. The pain can wait. Everyone is looking for the duo – fleeing a crime scene definitely does not look good to an outsider. They are, however, completely innocent.

Along their journey, they meet some pretty interesting characters. First, there’s a shopkeeper at a gas station, who seems to get a little suspicious that they’re out on their own. What I really found funny was that her shop stocked a newspaper with their faces plastered all over it, yet she still doesn’t recognise them. Wait until you meet her other half – he definitely recognises you…

The greatest character in episode one has to be Brody, by a mile. Yeah, we’ve all discussed how creepy he was at the start (and how much of a Seth Rogen lookalike he is) but he turns out to be a person that everyone needs in their lives. A person that would do anything for anyone, and someone who’d help out a friend in need wherever possible. What a guy. Let’s just hope he doesn’t turn into another Mr Jefferson – that would be a big mistake. (Don’t look so shifty Bro, you’re not helping yourself…)


So, we reach a tense part of the episode after the meeting of Brody, where we think we’ve been busted. But, of course, it’s episode one – how could we be caught so soon? We break free relatively quickly with a little help from Daniel, and again, Brody saves the day by taking us away from the commotion and buying us a motel room for the night. Aww.

I hope to God Mushroom is with you. If not, you’re a bad person.

At this point in the game, we get to make the decision of whether or not we contact a close friend. Obviously, we get two choices. Number one, we call – that way, she knows we’re alive and well, and her worry will be subsided a little. However, she could get into trouble for not giving the police information when she’s just had contact with a wanted guy. Number two, we don’t call, she doesn’t get into trouble, but she also doesn’t know that we’re okay and not dead in a ditch somewhere. Oh Life is Strange, all these decisions…

Towards the end of the game, Daniel does find out about his dad and his strange power is activated again. We’re not entirely sure what it is, but it’s beginning to look like it triggers when emotions are running high. I could be right, I could be wrong. We can only wait and see! Sean really helps his brother through this stage. A little bit tear jerking if you ask me!

The game series is known for these pretty tough dilemmas, and each decision you make influences the rest of the game and how it will play out. Think wisely; I often go for what I’d do in a character’s situation, so it’s very easy to get attached to these guys.

All in all, a very in depth and impressive start to Life Is Strange 2. I’ve got a few ideas for what might happen in future episodes based on what we see in the first, so it will be interesting to see how it progresses and if my predictions are correct. Have you grabbed your copy yet? If not, I totally recommend it. Also, play the first season if you haven’t already! It’ll blow your socks off 🙂

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