Could This Finally Beat Out Fortnite At It’s Own Game?

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In an incredible explosion, open world battle royale games have taken the industry by storm. Now everyone wants a piece and it’s all thanks to Fortnite. Fortnite takes on a complex approach to the battle royale genre.

Yes, it’s one against all, but it involves building structures to navigate around the world and protect yourself too. You need to collect different materials that each have their own strengths and weaknesses while the weaponry is easy to learn. You need to know about the tier system which means the same weapon doesn’t always have the same power.

Call of Duty has a new battle royale mode for the latest addition to the series. The PUBG community is still going strong. However, in among all, this is a newcomer called Apex Legends. It’s brings the look of a cyber punk and post apocalyptic future into the forefront of the gaming community, but is it going to beat Fortnite?

The immediate positive

For many people who want to play Fortnite, the fact that it’s mainly a third person shooter is off putting. There is a first person view but you lose out on certain advantages that those using third person have. If you’re in the latter view, you can see around corners. If you’re in first person mode you cannot. So Apex Legends already has a positive in that, for hardcore first person shooters it will be instantly familiar and comfortable. Unlike Fortnite the weapons also have true aiming features, which again will suit consumers of Battlefield and Call of Duty just fine.

It looks beautiful

Fortnite has gone with a cartoonish graphics design. It doesn’t particularly look amazing but it’s not supposed to. Apex Legends on the other hand looks fantastic. The entire world is detailed and has a semi-realistic design of textures. It’s not totally cold and real-life like, but it does look as if it has adhered to attention to detail. For many players who want to use the best graphic settings possible, you’ll something like a geforce rtx 2070. This is the next gen series of graphics cards that are coming out and quite frankly, look set to blow everything else out of the water. To use the ultra high graphics settings and attain the full beauty of the open world, this is a card you will definitely need to consider for your gaming PC build.

So much modulation

Something that Fortnite definitely does not have is the ability for players to modify their weapons. In Apex Legends you can modify your weapon exactly to how you want it. Different sights, grips, camos, rounds, magazines, ammo loads etc, are all available to customize your weapons in-game. This is something that will allow players to feel more comfortable when locked in battles that require precise shots and very fast reactions.

Apex Legends has only just come out but already has millions of players. Will it beat Fortnite? The formula is there, the player base is growing, the features are only going to get better but, it has a lot of ground to make up for arriving late to the battle royale party.

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  1. Ohh I need to try Apex Legends! I’ve only tried Fortnite a few times and it immediately put me off when my opponents started building like a wall or something as soon as I tried to shoot them lol.

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