How To Find A Love Of Reading Again


In the modern era, reading a whole book can often feel like a chore. When you’ve got smartphones and computers to use, why would you turn to a thumbed copy of an old favorite for entertainment instead? And that’s a natural question to ask, but it’s also one that’ll set you back. 

Because reading for the love of it can be a real pleasure! It’s a good way to slow down, take in something creative, and expand your mind through the written word. And if you loved reading as a kid, getting back into the habit will help to fire off all those dopamine centers once again. So let’s go through some tips below to help you find a love of reading again.

Don’t Force Yourself Through a Book

Forcing yourself through a book you’re not enjoying, or just can’t seem to ‘get on’ with, is only going to kill your love of reading even further. Because reading isn’t a boring activity; it’s a fun one that you can dedicate hours to! And when you’ve got a book you don’t like in hand, it’s best to put it back or give it away to someone else. Move onto something you feel better about, or a genre/plotline you’re more interested in; some narratives just aren’t interesting and that’s fine! 

Mix Fiction and Non-Fiction

This is the best technique if you’re someone who gets easily bored. Indeed, it’s always good to go back and forth between the two, as it ensures you’ve always got something new and fresh to read if you get bored of certain tropes. Say you want to get stuck into a book on the history of champagne; next week make sure you dig out a good romance or thriller novel to parse through instead. This way you get to really exercise your mind and stay interested in what’s on your bookshelf. 

Find a Comfortable Spot to Read

If you find reading hard because there’s so much else you can do, excuse yourself to a quieter part of your house. You don’t have to read while sitting in front of the computer, and you definitely don’t need your phone either. Turn them off, put them down, and curl up somewhere cosy with something to eat or drink next to you. Curate your love of reading through this need for quiet time – you can really start to crave these moments after a hectic week where everyone is after your attention! 

Don’t Stop at Reading

Reading is a whole hobby, filled with all kinds of people. As such, talk about the book with others who have read it, go online and make your thoughts known, and just have some interactions with other fans. Get involved with the ‘community’, as it were, and fire your passion up through debates. That’ll ignite your love in no time! 

Reading is a great pastime; all you need is your own mind, a quiet space, and a good book to enjoy!

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