How To Find Your Voice As A Writer


Whether writing a book, a poem, a blog, or a magazine article, writers want their work to engage their audience. 

To enchant readers, writers must create content that resonates with their audience. Finding your writer’s voice is crucial to achieve this. Your writer’s voice will distinguish your prose from others and express your personality on-page.

To help you find your writing voice, here are some tips that may assist you.

Expand Your Knowledge

Reading is one way to help you develop your voice as a writer. Expand your horizons and search for alternative genres and authors with different writing styles to gain a comprehensive understanding of how other writers exercise their voice on paper

Pay attention to the language, use of grammar, and the way the words make you feel. Are you inspired, uplifted, hopeful? Consider what the author wrote to make you think or feel a certain way.

Reading is an inescapable necessity for any writer who wants to improve their craft. Diversifying your pool of books will help you to hone in on your writing skills and develop your voice.

What’s The Reason?

The purpose of your writing must be considered before defining an appropriate voice. For instance, one voice may be fitting to write for gossip columns on celebrity online magazines for young adults. But that same voice may not translate well to a horror story you’re crafting.

With each form of writing, there are conventions and styles to adhere to. Use these boundaries as guides to tailor your voice within. In doing so, you’ll ensure what you’re writing makes sense for the audience who will be reading it.

Practice New Styles

Have fun testing out new writing styles to find out what works well for you and the audience.

Whether weaving comedy throughout a lifestyle blog, choosing to practice book writing such as non-fiction or self-help books. Or switching political speeches to practice adult fiction.

Trying on new writing styles will push your writing skills to their limits. You’ll begin to learn new writing techniques that could lead you towards your perfect writing voice.

Share Your Writing

To gain an honest perspective on your writing, you’ll need to share it with other people outside your family and friends. This can leave writers feeling vulnerable about their work because it’ll be open to positive feedback and criticism.

However, criticism is essential to help you find your voice. Whether readers think specific sentences were bland and emotionless. Or others seemed disjointed and incoherent.

Each point will help you to look at your writing from different perspectives with honesty. In turn, you’ll trim away the fluff. And edit the sentences to portray exactly what you mean in a concise way.

Consistent reflection of one’s writing will help you unearth your writing voice.

Two of all writer’s worst enemies seem to be procrastination and self-doubt, and you should expect them to pop on your journey as you attempt to find your voice. While it’s easier said than done, persisting in improving your writing, despite these intruders spontaneously, interjecting is essential.

As you practice writing with different styles, continue reading different prose, and share your writing with others, your writing shall undoubtedly adapt for the better. And you’ll eventually find your voice as a writer.

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Practising new styles is a great one indeed. While I do enjoy writing cyberpunk, I’m thinking of going into humour fantasy for my next project just to expand my craft. Thanks for sharing!


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