The Snark – Book Review


Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“‘What’s a Snark?’ I hear you cry. A fearless beast who lurks nearby!”

If you’re not already a fan of children’s books, then this book will well and truly make you fall in love with them. I’m in the process of creating my own children’s masterpiece at the moment and seeing this book in all its glory has forced my excitement to sky-rocket for what’s to come. From the memorable story in this book to the absolutely flawless illustrations, I think this one is just the perfect story to have on your child’s bookshelf, and is one of the best children’s stories I’ve come across in recent times. So happy to share my review!

Night-time can be scary and this delightfully illustrated story shows us how natural those fears are. Once children can identify and understand their fears, they can begin to overcome them, and we can all have a good night’s sleep!

This story reveals that when we are brave and face our fears, they are often not as scary as we first thought!

Told in lyrical prose and with a dash of humour, this light-hearted story will help you and your child deal with night-time anxieties in a safe and reassuring way.

The story…

I cannot express how much I loved reading this!

If your child has ever been scared of what’s lurking in the dark at bedtime, or is even just a fan of books with monsters in general, this is something you need to get on their bookshelf. The story flowed to perfection and even made me read it multiple times! The author has created something that children will not only love, but will also relate to, and the way the story builds up suspense for the ending is simply spot on. I can’t find a negative thing to say about it!

The story itself reminded me of The Gruffalo, (yes, I am a big fan of The Gruffalo) with the repetition of The Snark’s appearance being described in such a memorable way. I found myself pottering around the house repeating sections of the book after reading it was that catchy (and I’m not ashamed!)

Going to the kitchen to make a drink: “He’s big – no huge! As huge as a house, yet he moves as quick as a little white mouse.”

Walking up the stairs: “He has two little ears and a big fat nose, with two beady eyes to see where he goes.

Yes, true story… but it just proved to me that if I was remembering snippets of text as I went about my daily life, kids would find it so much more addictive and entertaining! However, the story is not just here to entertain, but also has another important purpose. It helps children to learn about, understand and overcome night time fears in a way that many will be able to relate to. It’s explored in detail, yet is kept light and humourous to make children think all isn’t what it seems when the lights are off. I loved how these fears are overcome by the characters in the book, and it teaches insightful lessons about facing these fears. I couldn’t have written this any better if I’d tried!

The best bits…

I loved the lyrical prose and just how well each sentence flowed from one to the next. When paired with a page of colourful illustration, each sentence became so much more powerful and I found myself staring at each intricate detail from illustrator, Stephanie Jayne, who, might I add, has done and absolutely incredible job of bringing this story to life. I never really used to care much for art, but illustration in children’s books is something I always admire these days. The illustration in The Snark is something very special. If you can, I’d recommend the paperback or hardback over the Kindle version, just so this can be appreciated more!

One of my first jobs was a Teaching Assistant and Reading Mentor in a primary school which was so rewarding. However, when story time came around, it was rare I found a story that I loved as much as the kids! Even before I’d finished The Snark, I just knew this one would go down well in a school setting not only because of the engaging story for the little ones, but because the words themselves were so exciting and easy to read. Whether reading alone or in a group, or even for that end of day or bedtime story, this one scored perfect marks in my eyes. I just wish I had more kids in my family to share this with!

The moral of the story…

Night times can be absolutely terrifying for a child who has developed a phobia, but this story visits this issue and solves it, which is what children need to hear/read! The story proves to children that if you’re brave, your confidence will soar, and soon, those night time anxieties will be a thing of the past. By turning the book into a delightful, humourous read, it will automatically make children see the dark as just a time to go to sleep, instead of becoming a breeding ground for monsters!

For fans of The Gruffalo, this story guarantees to blow your socks off! My love for children’s stories has simply been magnified after reading this picture book and I’m confident that so many children will enjoy this story too. It’s visually appealing, memorable and a book that anyone can easily fall in love with. The book is perfect for children in the 4-8 age category, but can definitely be enjoyed by just about anyone, adults included!

A huge thank you to the author, Justin Davis, for my copy of this beautiful book! You can pre-order your own copy of The Snark over on Amazon, available on Kindle or in paperback/hardback on November 10th. (I’d recommend you get a copy in paperback or hardback to see it in all its glory!) Make sure you follow the author over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

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  1. Manik Bal says:

    Very nice review. Will try and buy it for younger son.

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    1. Em says:

      Thanks so much! 🙂


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