4 Game Genres You Should Spend More Time Playing

The number of active gamers worldwide is estimated to be about 2.7 billion in 2020. Research shows that the UK has approximately 37.3 million gamers. There are more than thirty distinct game genres available to gamers. Nonetheless, gamers spend more time playing some particular genres over others. Data from App Annie in 2020 shows that hyper-casual games are the top game genre in the global mobile market. However, in the UK, a study identified cards, puzzles, and word games as the most played mobile games by smartphone users. Different genres of games exist to satisfy the preferences of a wide range of people. Every genre, therefore, has certain unique benefits that it provides to gamers who play often. Here are four game genres that you should consider often playing to enjoy several benefits.

  1. Board games

Research reveals that board games account for 3% of total global mobile game downloads. Board games are a classic genre that you should consider playing more. Studies show that playing board games can be an excellent way of exercising the brain because they enhance memory formation and cognitive skills like decision making and problem-solving. Such games also reduce the risk of mental disease because of how they engage the mind actively. Choosing a range of board games to play like Scrabble, Chess, Monopoly, and Go will be beneficial.

2. Role-playing games

Statistics in 2019 indicate that the global role-playing games market reached $15,793.3 million. Role-playing games are a very engaging genre to immerse yourself in, and they have some crucial, often overlooked benefits that you should consider. These games boost creativity as they allow the player freedom to make his own story. The storytelling in role-playing games forces us to concentrate on and identify the cause and effect of events. These games teach real-time problem-solving, forcing you to find ingenious solutions to complex problems with limited time. Role-playing games also stress the value of teamwork and cooperation. Therefore, you should consider spending more time behind role-playing games to pick up skills that have real-life applicability.

3. Strategy games

In such games, ruthless tactics and planning are needed to win. Real-time strategy games like “World of WarCraft” demand decision-making in a game state that is in constant flux. Strategy games require attention, scheming, and teamwork, all of which engage your brain actively. They are also beneficial to cognition, as a study proves that top players of real-time strategy process information faster. 
Strategy games can be recreational too, as a reported 48% of strategy gamers say they play to pass the time. Whether you are playing for fun like with wonga games or want a challenge like “Age Of Empires,” consider strategy games as a lively option that will make for a superb gaming experience.

4. Simulation games

Simulation games allow us to ‘live’ experiences that mirror everyday scenarios. These games are incredibly informative, educational, and adventurous and occur in a wide range of environments. They replicate aspects of difficult situations, giving players the chance to study intensively. Business simulation games, for example, offer the opportunity for practical learning. Players have time to evaluate and respond to situations and receive feedback- an experience that they can apply practically. Simulation games also give you a feel of adventures like flying a plane or going on a thrill ride from the comfort of your home.

* Collaborative post.

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